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The temporary Fleet forums for the 1st Special Operations Fleet of Star Trek Online. This fleet is run by members of Federation Space, the Star Trek Role Playing Game, but welcome all Star Trek Online players - new, old, and f2p :)
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 Fleet Rank Info

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PostSubject: Fleet Rank Info   Fleet Rank Info EmptySat Jan 14, 2012 4:19 pm

These policies are no longer accurate and will be updated accordingly.

Right now, everyone starts off as Recruit rank in the fleet. Being active on the boards as well as in game can earn you a promotion within the fleet to Captain, signaling a full fleet membership. Promotions come with responsibility Smile Although there are no in-game activity requirements, the higher up the chain you go, the more you are expected to be present in the game.

Ranks and explanations:
Recruit - Limited Fleet Bank Access, No duties but you can invite your friends to the Fleet
Captain - Training Duties, Bank Officer, Recruitment Duties, Sponsorship Duties
Commodore - Fleet Events, Training Duties, Bank Officer, Recruitment Duties, Sponsorship Duties
Admiral - Moderating, Fleet Events, Training Duties, Bank Officer, Recruitment Duties, Sponsorship Duties
Fleet Admiral - Highest Rank, Every duty imaginable

Duties Explanations:
  • Recruitment Duties - hang out in group chat, tell people to check out the fleet.
  • Sponsorship Duties - Recommend someone else in the fleet for promotion to Commander rank. They must come to you requesting it, and you must know them and believe they are a positive influence on the fleet.
  • Training Duties - Help new players learn the ropes. Team up with people to play joint missions.
  • Fleet Events - Help plan Fleet Events. If a number of people are on at the same time, organize impromptu fleet events.
  • Bank Officer - Help lower level players get items they need from the bank if they have met their individual cap, encourage people to donate their unwanted items to the fleet bank for other players to use, encourage energy credit donations to the fleet bank.

STO: Lea Ander@Azernal
FedSpace: Azernal, USS Avenger

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Fleet Rank Info
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