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The temporary Fleet forums for the 1st Special Operations Fleet of Star Trek Online. This fleet is run by members of Federation Space, the Star Trek Role Playing Game, but welcome all Star Trek Online players - new, old, and f2p :)
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 Promotions And List of Acts

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PostSubject: Promotions And List of Acts   Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:32 pm

This policy is under review and currently does not apply

There are two ways to be promoted. First, be active in the fleet and on the boards and hope we notice and promote you without you asking for it. Second, complete the following Fleet Acts to earn a one-time, immediate promotion to the next level (highest possible promotion is Commodore). Be aware, that with the promotion comes the responsibilities listed in the Fleet Rank thread.

IF you choose to go the ACTS route, create a thread in this area and list which acts you completed, along with screenshots/proof of completion. There are Star Trek Online Acts as well as Forum Acts and even FederationSpace Acts.

Complete 15 points of Acts to move up one level of rank!

STO Acts:
  • In-game rank of Lt and lower = 1 act
  • In-game rank of Cdr - Lt = 2 acts
  • In-game rank of Captain or higher = 3 acts
  • Get sponsored by 2 fleet members who have chatted with you and recognize your active in the game = 2 acts
  • Participate in a mission with at least 2 other fleet members = 1 act
  • Change your Uniform to the Fleet Uniform = 1 act
  • Succeed on a duty officer assignment = 1 act
  • Critically succeed, or fail, a duty officer assignment = 2 acts
  • Take a screen shot of your ready room = 1 act
  • Take a screen shot of your Bridge. Screenshot must include your character sitting in the Captains Chair! = 1 act
  • Take a screen shot with one of your officers (could be on the Bridge, or during ground combat) = 1 act
  • Take a screen shot of your ship in space combat = 1 act
  • Take a screen shot of your character in ground combat = 1 act
  • Take a screen shot of your ship being destroyed = 1 act
  • Take a screen shot of your character after taking damage while you have no personal shield left = 1 act
  • Donate 250,000 credits or 30 useful items to the Fleet Bank = 1 act
  • Be a "gold" member of STO = 1 act
  • Donate 30 crafting materials or craft 5 times for the fleet = 1 act

Out of Game acts:

  • Add at least 3 members to your chat friends list = 2 acts
  • Be active in the forums - Commander Rank or below = 1 act
  • Be active in the forums - Captain Rank or moderator = 2 acts
  • Be active in the forums - Commodore Rank or above = 3 acts
  • Come up with an act that gets approved = 1 act
  • Write an intro post = 1 act
  • Suggest a useful game guide or tip = 1 act
  • Post a Happy Birthday message on someone's birthday = 1 act
  • Post 3 screenshots in the Badlands Thread = 1 act

FederationSpace Acts (http://www.federationspace-rpg.com/):

  • Join, or be a member of, Federation Space (link to your bio as well as providing a screenshot of the top of the wiki bio page) = 1 act
  • Lt [JG] and lower = 1 act
  • Cdr - Lt = 2 acts
  • Captain or higher = 3 acts
  • Have 3 medals on one character = 1 act
  • Have 2 years of seniority on the site = 1 act
  • Contribute to the FedSpace Wiki = 1 act
  • Contribute to the FNN = 1 act
  • Play a prank on your Captain or First Officer = 1 act
  • Taunt a GM = 1 act
  • Post a Happy Birthday message on someone's birthday in the thread in HF = 1 act
  • Post a 'character development' post of either a dream/nightmare, or a holodeck scenario = 2 acts
  • Be the "last poster" on your ship - 1 act

STO: Lea Ander@Azernal
FedSpace: Azernal, USS Avenger

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Promotions And List of Acts
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