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 Finally gave in...

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Finally gave in... Empty
PostSubject: Finally gave in...   Finally gave in... EmptySun Apr 08, 2012 7:28 am

I have finally fallen prey to the awesomeness that is STO... lol

I am Cdr Tokat on the FedSpace boards, if my username didn't give it away already. Several of my crew (including my CO) were telling me I need to play. So, I finally gave in, and I am blown away. It's like a Trekkie's (or Trekker, if you prefer) dream come true... Freedom to go wherever you want and play solo or team missions at will? ... ^_^

So yeah, I don't have many ingame friends right now, and I'd like to change that... Tokat@tokat04 is how you can find me.

I'll post a screen shot and some info in the Officer Introduction sections before too long. Till then, I'll be trying to learn how to play the game... lol
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Finally gave in...
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