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The temporary Fleet forums for the 1st Special Operations Fleet of Star Trek Online. This fleet is run by members of Federation Space, the Star Trek Role Playing Game, but welcome all Star Trek Online players - new, old, and f2p :)
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 Starbase Contributions

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Jordan Donovan
Fleet Chief of Staff
Fleet Chief of Staff

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PostSubject: Starbase Contributions   Starbase Contributions EmptySun Aug 05, 2012 6:59 pm

Attention Captains!

First Special Operations Fleet needs you to come in from out of the cold. We have a very lively Starbase Project that needs help with contributions. Please, log on, see what we need, read the announcements about it, and get cracking!

So far we have had some very serious devotion from some of those among us, things like Azernal dropping 100,000 dilithium for our interior decoration project! But we need more. Log on, team up with the rest of us, and let's get some things going.

Please, please, please contact me if you're looking to arrange times to play with us. I'll be bumping my other thread, and harassing you all to actually heed it this time.

  • Donovan
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all @Jordan_Donovan

FedSpace: Jordan Donovan, USS Ticonderoga
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Starbase Contributions
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