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 Dilithium! (AKA, getting dat pink)

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Jordan Donovan
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Dilithium! (AKA, getting dat pink) Empty
PostSubject: Dilithium! (AKA, getting dat pink)   Dilithium! (AKA, getting dat pink) EmptyTue Aug 28, 2012 8:39 am

Special Operators:

As we all know, dilithium (or as Hawk likes to call it, the pink) makes the STO universe go 'round. It seems to be crucial in more vast quantities each time for our starbase projects, you need it to buy things with your fleet credits, you can buy Zen with them, and you need it to avoid multi million credit prices on such items as Common and Uncommon Unreplicatable Materials for crafting purposes.

Below, I will be taking things from the very useful page www.stowiki.org/dilithium that I encourage you all to read. This is the highlights of the easiest and quickest ways to make a few thousand dilithium. This guide will be aimed mainly at Vice Admiral characters, but there are parts open to lower ranks. The webpage has more places that are good for players of lower levels.

1.) Start with a security officer on one of the bases. Turn in contraband takes 4 hours, one duty officer, and rewards TWO THOUSAND dilithium. You may only one run of these assignments at a time, but there is no cooldown.

2.) Join the channel called "Red Alert" in game. There players announce the locations of Borg Invasion incursions. You can then quickly travel to these incursions, defeat the borg, and choose the dilithium package as a reward, there's 480 right there. You can only get rewards for one sector per day, but there are plenty of sectors.

3.) Start in Eta Edrani - Three missions each awarding dilithium:
  • “Traelus System - Satellite Repair” - 480
  • “Sh'mar - Distress Signal” - 480
  • “Defense Contract” - 480]

4.) Once you've done Defense Contract enough times (to get 10 computer core fragments) you'll be able to do “Salvage Dispute (Repeatable)” - 1440

5.) Move into the Regulus sector and explore the Arucanis Arm, after accepting the mission “Explore Strange New Worlds”, that nets you another 1440.

5.) Go to the Orellius Sector Block and complete:
“Aiding the Deferi (Daily)” - 1440
“Rescue Deferi Captives (Daily)” - 480
“Emancipation (Daily)” - 480

6.) Transwarp to the Omega Task Force and go to the B'Tran Cluster.
Accomplish “Chart the B'Tran Cluster (Vice Admiral - Daily)” - 1440

7.) Visit Starfleet Academy.
When looking at the area map, visit the top right building, and speak to Commander Viala, and accept the mission “History 102: Alpha Quadrant Midterm” - 480

8.) The Vault Shuttle event, when not the current hourly event running, also awards 480 upon completion.

9.) Fleet Actions -
“Klingon Scout Force” (Daily) - 1440
“Halting the Gorn Advance” (Daily) - 1440
“The Big Dig” (Daily) - 1440

Alright, all those fixed numbers (with only one Red Alert taken care of) come to 15920, which is more than even a gold member is allowed to refine in one day. The loophole to this is, when you log out, and log back in, your dilithium will also get refined itself up to an additional 8000

Now, there are other events that award a variable amount of dilithium, and can greatly increase your dilithium intake.

1.) “Asteroid Mining” - variable outcome, several hundred. This occurs in Bajoran/Cardassian space, Beta Ursae Sector block. Bring an EV suit!

2.) “Academy Event” - Roughly 1500-3000 on average (up to 5000 with luck)

So, I haven't covered every way of getting dilithium, but now you all are as enabled as I have been, that has allowed me to get so much of the dilithium that is contributed. So, go out and get that pink!

  • Donovan
  • Five
  • Quinn

all @Jordan_Donovan

FedSpace: Jordan Donovan, USS Ticonderoga
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Dilithium! (AKA, getting dat pink)
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