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The temporary Fleet forums for the 1st Special Operations Fleet of Star Trek Online. This fleet is run by members of Federation Space, the Star Trek Role Playing Game, but welcome all Star Trek Online players - new, old, and f2p :)
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 Azernals Fleet Acts!!!

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Fleet Chief of Staff

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Azernals Fleet Acts!!!  Empty
PostSubject: Azernals Fleet Acts!!!    Azernals Fleet Acts!!!  EmptyMon Jan 16, 2012 2:55 am

Here are the acts I completed to gain in rank and responsibility in the fleet.

STO Acts = 7 points worth

In-game rank of Captain or higher = 3 acts
I'm a Captain!
Azernals Fleet Acts!!!  Captainlvl

Succeed on a duty officer assignment = 1 act
Yay, I succeeded!
Azernals Fleet Acts!!!  Succeed

Critically succeed, or fail, a duty officer assignment = 2 acts
Aww, I failed Sad
Azernals Fleet Acts!!!  Failanassignment

Donate 250,000 credits or 30 useful items to the Fleet Bank = 1 act
I donated 200,000 credits AND some useful items Smile
Azernals Fleet Acts!!!  Bankdepo1
Azernals Fleet Acts!!!  Bankdepo2

Out of Game Acts = 1

Write an intro post = 1 act
Here is my intro post Smile

Federation Space Acts = 7

Join, or be a member of, Federation Space (link to your bio as well as providing a screenshot of the top of the wiki bio page) = 1 act
I used my main PC, Azernal Rin. Azernal Rin's Bio
Azernals Fleet Acts!!!  Bio

Cdr - Lt = 2 acts
Azernal is a Commander (And an FO! Weeee!)
Azernals Fleet Acts!!!  Cdraz

Have 3 medals on one character = 1 act
Az has LOTS of medals!
Azernals Fleet Acts!!!  Medals

Have 2 years of seniority on the site = 1 act
I have 11 years of seniority - but Edwards alone has 3+ years
Azernals Fleet Acts!!!  Ed

Contribute to the FNN = 1 act
An opinions article I wrote - you know it's relevant!
Azernals Fleet Acts!!!  Fnn

Be the "last poster" on your ship - 1 act
My registered NPC was the last poster Smile
Azernals Fleet Acts!!!  Lastpost

STO: Lea Ander@Azernal
FedSpace: Azernal, USS Avenger
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Azernals Fleet Acts!!!
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